Nothing is quite as comfortable or form fitting as a leather interior, but leather is easily damaged and requires maintenance and care to remain in good shape. The experts at JM Lexus can recommend the right combination of preventative measures and cleaning products to maintain your interior.

Rule Number One: Not in the Car

We live in a world of drive-thrus and convenience stores, and we can buy a dizzying array of foods and beverages for consumption on the go. Avoid them. Food and beverages mean spills and little bits of food particles finding their way into the crevices and stitches of your nice leather seats. Is that dollar menu burger such a bargain compared to the junk it represents in the recesses of your interior? You might not be able to function in morning rush hour traffic without your morning coffee, but park the car and take the kids inside to eat. It’s safer (and healthier anyway).

Rule Number Two: Wash and Condition

Remember that leather is porous and collects debris like human skin. It should be dull and not shiny in texture. When you clean it, use a mild cleaner and be thorough. Your seats should feel soft when you are done. There are many manufacturers that make leather cleaner. Visit JM Lexus to find which one is right for your vehicle. Many car owners swear by conditioners that contain lanolin oil. Whatever product you choose, you'll use a clean cloth or soft scrub brush to wipe down the leather interior with the cleaner, following later with the conditioner. Sometimes, you may need to apply the conditioner twice, but always be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle. This one-two punch keeps the interior clean and helps protect the leather from cracking and sun damage.

Rule Number Three: Avoid the Sun

The sun is your enemy. It fades the color of the interior as well as heats it up, making the leather brittle and likely to crack. Park in the shade whenever possible, even if it means walking across the parking lot. You can also use a sunscreen on the windshield to keep the sun out or park in a garage or carport. These simple steps can help keep the sun from ruining your car’s leather interior.

Chances are you paid extra for your car’s sumptuous leather interior. Be smart and take care of that investment and your car’s leather seats will look and feel fantastic for a long time to come.